RMS Germanic

Circa 1870’s. She had sails as well as steam power.

RMS Oceanic






Oceanic in dock

RMS Baltic

one of the big four


RMS Oceanic
in dry dock








RMS Adriatic

RMS ADRIATIC One of the big four (1907)

Adriatic at sea

RMS ADRIATIC out to sea
The Big Four were a quartet of 20,000 tons ocean liners built by Harland & Wolff shipyard for the White Star Line in the early 20th century, completed in 1907: RMS CELTIC (1901),
RMS CEDRIC (1902), RMS BALTIC (1903), RMS ADRIATIC (1907).
Until LUSITANIA was built, ADRIATIC was the largest ship in the world.

RMS Megantic


RMS Laurentic




SS Ceramic

SS CERAMIC  (1913)
SS Ceramic was an 18,400-ton ocean liner of the White Star Line launched in 1913, and later sold to the Shaw, Savill & Albion Line. In 1942 German submarine U-515 sunk the Ceramic, leaving only one survivor of the 656 on board. Ceramic was built at the Harland and Wolff yard in Belfast.



SS California

Could this ship have saved any souls on a cold April’s night?



Olympic and Titanic

The only known picture of OLYMPIC (right) and TITANIC together. TITANIC was being  moved out of dry dock so OLYMPIC’S damage could be repaired, from her collision with the cruiser HAWKE.




damage to Olympic

The damage to OLYMPIC as shown here was greater in area than Titanic’s wounds. But unlike her unfortunate sister, TITANIC, her damage was localized in one area of OLYMPIC rather than being spread out over two hundred feet of TITANIC’S length, thus flooding five compartments instead of just one.