Thomas Andrews, A Past-Life Memory book cover

Thomas Andrews: A Past-Life Memory

American author William C. Barnes, born on the anniversary of the Titanic disaster, has been plagued since childhood by memories that were not part of his life experience. As an adult, he underwent regression therapy and discovered that his memories belonged to an Irish shipbuilder, Thomas Andrews, a man who died 41 years before Barnes was born.

This paperback book is an updated version of Thomas Andrews: A Voyage Into History
(now out of print).

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The Transmuter book cover

The Transmuter: The Atlantean Library

World renowned baritone Greg Thomas is having trouble keeping his life in order as he confronts his wife's terminal illness. To compound his troubles, Greg suffers from terrifying nightmares that though are far from his worldly experience, seem to hold significance in his life.

After suffering an embarrassing nervous breakdown on stage in front of hundreds of people, Greg undergoes psychiatric care to get to the root of his problems. Hynotic regression is used and what comes out from his regression is astounding and terrifying!

Greg is lead on a search into his past-life in Atlantis and goes in search for a hidden Atlantean Library. His search for the hidden Library coincides with his inner search for peace and reconciliation.

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From readers

Wayne Williams, July 14, 2020
This book is a roller coaster ride! It took me places I have never been before!

Dr. Ron De Vasto, May 15, 2021
Bill Barnes knows his stuff! His portrayal of regression therapy and its uses in psychiatry are absolutely spot on! This is a great book for those interested in Atlantis, psychology, or science fiction!

Andrew W. Parker, January 7, 2021
Take it from me. This is on helluva good book. It's a page turner! I sat down with the intention of reading a few pages and ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting. It's that good!

February 18, 2021, Joe Nagy
What an imagination Barnes has! He explains the working of the Atlantis device in great and plausible detail. How did he come up with this?

The Portal  book cover

The Portal

Three Supernatural Tales.

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Hunt the Ohio Bigfoot
  • Alien Advocate: Space Aliens are real!
  • Right By Me: Why did Will kill his mother?

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Cyclops cover


Travel aboard the largest and most powerful research submarine yet known to man that is run by a temperamental Artificial Intelligence. You will encounter sea monsters, aliens, a mummy's curse, and a man trying to help his father as he sinks into oblivion.

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Running Brook covers

The Legend of Running Brook

An unseen Watcher lives in the land of the Kepke.  He resides in the inner forest -- the Forest of Thought and Creation.  He was sent by the Great Everywhere Father to observe and judge the Kepke people.  Every Kepke man is warned not to venture too far away from the outer forest, for he might come upon the Watcher and die a terrible fearful death.   Yet someday there will be a Kepke man who will possess great medicine.  He will venture into the inner forest.  The Watcher will seek him out and the lives of the Kepke will be changed forever.  But the legends never say exactly HOW this will happen, or what the change will be. To find the answer, Running Brook must leave the land of the Kepke on a quest that will take him into the mystical Forest and deep within himself.

I received this note by snail mail from my friend, J Randall Ismay in Safford, Arizona:

Bill, if I could get on the internet, I'd give your book five stars! I found it a delight, start to finish. I recognized some Lakota practices in the text so I loaned it to my friend, a Lakota elder. He is a medicine man, but he does not claim it, and he read the book. He too was very pleased with it and liked everything but the shape shifting trees which he indicated would not be in keeping with his peoples traditions. Otherwise he was delighted and hopes you will write another. He loaned the book to one of his young Lakota charges who also enjoyed the book and also recognized a number of his tribal ways.

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